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Reflection on Studying Abroad


First of all I like to thanks to God for all the blessing and experiences that I have received, especially during my first six months in Indonesia. Before I left my country, I was really worried that I might get homesick or that I would find studying abroad a struggle and etc . Actually my worries were unnecessary. I had an amazing times filled with many  unforgettable memories, although there are times I felt lost especially the time that I faced with challenges in my study. These are really not that important significance in the face of the overall experience.

james skolastik myanmar studi di indonesia
Bro James on vacation in Jogjakarta

I do feel like a different person now, studying abroad is one of the life experiences that can really shape me into a more mature individual. Studying abroad was the best decision I have ever made because being a student here is very different to Myanmar. It wasn’t just because of the warmer weather but it was full of challenges and I could achieved the experiences that I may not experience in Myanmar. I believed going abroad for study was important because it challenges me and helps me to learn about other cultures and about people who are different. I felt that Life in Jakarta is incredibly busy, it was like entering a constant battle between studying and experiencing new things.

I had an amazing time in my first semester and had much fun since the first day of my school in STF Driyarkara,. It wasn’t always easy, but Pushing myself out of my comfort zone was a great decision. The difficult times made me stronger and good times felt even greater. I also learned how to be more faithful to God and trust on myself. I have many opportunities to discover my strength and weaknesses. I didn’t have the perceptions of my family around me so I had the chance to really figure out how I was going to deal with hardship alone. Most importantly, I learned how to live in the moment and appreciate the small things.

Honestly, studying abroad opened my eyes to the world around me. These are the lesson that I could have never learned in the classroom. It required exposing myself to a new situation filled with new people and new experiences. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had, and also I started to realize that how to  carry the lessons with other peoples in my Society too for the rest of my life.   I feel lucky to have this oppo

      Sch. James Naw Hkam, SJ


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