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Fall in Love!


Summarizing my experience at Realino in just one page is very complicated because it has been so beautiful, so significant and transformative, that all the words in the world fall short to tell you how this whole adventure has been.

First, I want to tell you about the two communities I have had the opportunity to be in, Bongsuwung and Pingit. Both have a natural charm, incredibly kind and welcoming people. But above all, both have a gigantic resilience ability despite all the difficulties they experience on the daily basis, they continue to fight hard to be better humans and have a better future for their children.

There are children with whom we do the workshops and classes. They are incredible. Sometimes a little unruly, distracted and hyperactive. But they really value our efforts and are happy with our presence. receive us with hugs and smiles, showing us that we are doing a good job with them and that this work is completely worth it.

Also, it is important to talk about Realino and all the people who are part of the team. The excellent work they have done is impressive. Everything is very organized, well planned. They manage everything we need The most important thing is that each project, each idea, each aspect, reflect the love and passion of their service.

Regarding the volunteers, they are all very kind people, who love the children, and give their best every day so the children can have a positive impact in their lives. They are people who know how to work as a team and are fully committed to Realino’s activities. They also seek ways to improve the community. They are the youth who would like to partake in making the world a better place.

To finish, I would like to say that I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be part of Realino. Despite not speaking as a foreigner, everyone welcomed me in such a nice way. I feel them like my family. In addition, they have taught me so many things, I have learned to value more each aspect of my life. I have been able to see the depths of Indonesia. I have learned to be flexible, to enjoy each moment more. And above all, to love more, to give the best of me in each thing I do.

Thank you Realino for allowing me to fall more in love with Indonesia, its inhabitants, its culture, its places and what you are building together. I dedicate this poem to you, which is in Spanish (my mother language) and is by a Jesuit whom I love very much:

Nada puede importar más que encontrar a Dios. 
Es decir, enamorarse de Él de una manera definitiva y absoluta. 
Aquello de lo que te enamoras atrapa tu imaginación, y acaba por ir dejando su huella en todo. 
Será lo que decida qué es lo que te saca de la cama en la mañana, 
qué haces con tus atardeceres, 
en qué empleas tus fines de semana, 
lo que lees, lo que conoces, 
lo que rompe tu corazón, 
y lo que te sobrecoge de alegría y gratitud. 
¡Permanece en el amor! 
Todo será de otra manera.

Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

The translation

Fall in love!

Nothing is more practical than

finding God, than

falling in Love

in a quite absolute, final way.

What you are in love with,

what seizes your imagination, will affect everything.

It will decide

what will get you out of bed in the morning,

what you do with your evenings,

how you spend your weekends,

what you read, whom you know,

what breaks your heart,

and what amazes you with joy and gratitude.

Fall in Love, stay in love,

and it will decide everything.

Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

I dedicate this poem to them because for me it represents what the experiences with Realino have left in my heart. I will never forget them. I hope one day I can give them back a little of the abundance that I received from them.

written with love,

Alejandra Maria Serrano Dussan

Colombian woman

Realino 2022 Volunteer


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